Our customized product line is created of simple all-natural ingredients designed with the Mom to be and her growing family in mind. 

Guaranteed skin-hydration without the use of harsh chemicals and sulfates, ensuring skin receives all benefits while providing peace of mind. Formulated to cater to the skin and needs of women & babies of color. Butter Bae offers a solution for every skin-concern, from preventing stretch marks, soothing cracked nipples due to breastfeeding, and improving your little ones’ baby eczema. We’ve got you covered, from tummy to toddler!


Note from the Founder: 

After spending my 20’s searching for how I could make my impact in the world
I can finally say I found it with Butter Bae Co. That period in my life was filled with many ups and downs…attempting to climb the unreliable ladder that is corporate America, my unexpected pregnancy with my first child, layoffs and doing my best to carve out who I was.

In 2019 I quit my job after deciding to prioritize my family, happiness and overall mental WELL BEING. Taking this leap of faith and purpose propelled me to create Butter Bae. Newly pregnant with my second child, I realized products were missing that catered to expectant black mothers and their babies that were safe and properly moisturized the uniqueness that is black skin. I started using my own all-natural creation to prevent stretch marks and set out to share it with other melanin mamas and birthed Butter Bae.