Are Butter Bae products all-natural?

 Yes, all of our products vegan and made of all-natural ingredients.


Aren't stretch marks hereditary? How will the Belly Butter help?

Skin type is what is hereditary. So if your skin type is dry and has low elasticity you are more prone to getting stretch marks. Butter Bae Belly Butter is proactive in preventing stretch marks because it is packed with nutrients such as Vitamin A & E, it deeply moisturizes, and increases the skin elasticity. Results vary from person to person. However, using the daily Belly Butter will greatly help increase your changes of not getting stretch marks.

What is the difference between the Belly Butter and the Body Butter?

The Belly Butter and the Body Butter have different ingredients in each of them. The Body Butter is light and fluffy in texture and is meant to be used as a daily moisturizer all over the body and hair. The Belly Butter is a much more dense and oily Butter that is meant to coat and hydrate the pregnant belly to help prevent stretch marks. Both are safe to use from head-to-toe! 

 My Butter came melted. What do I do?

Sometimes the hot weather can cause some products to melt in transit. We do insert an ice pack in every package during the warm months to prevent this from happening. However, if this does happen, send a photo of the melted delivery to shopbutterbae@gmail.com and we will ensure you receive a new package.

Can the Body Butter and Baby Butter be used in the hair?

Yes, both products are head-to-toe moisturizers. Works best when applied to damp hair.

 Can Butter Bae Body and Baby Butter be used on eczema?

Yes, all products are natural and can be used on problematic skin. We recommend using the Whipped Baby Butter Sensitive Skin and to first try the product on a small area before applying it all over.